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Pistachio at TineK

Green I told you I have this thing with green. While I’m painting my toenails in a soft shade of sage, I’m letting my imagination gallop away by the A/W look at TineK. There’s something with the combination velvet and pistachio (that daybed/pouf is to die for!). Something with this earthy tone that allures me. How it picks up the mellow chlorophyll ...  R E A D M O R E


Hemma hos köksjesus

Köpenhamns Köksjesus, skriver Residence. Och visst är det väl så. Kolla bara hantverket. Det här är igen ett sånt där hem som hjärtat bara klappar lite extra för helt enkelt. Själva idéen med rå industrivägg som backdrop för den mest noggrant utformade inredningen. Fingerkänsla och öga för detalj, det är vad det är. Det är nåt speciellt med hantverk, kanske det att det inte finns någon som helst kompromiss på kvalité. Det måttbeställda, perfekt sittande. Att det ...  R E A D M O R E


Summer feels

I must have flowers always and always – Claude Monet

Midsummer really got me going. My flower obsession got real with wreaths, bouquets and everything. You know, that certain summer feel there is on Midsummer’s Eve, it could be as rainy as ever, but you’re somehow in that summer mood anyway. Maybe it’s something Scandinavian. And I’ve always had this thing for flowers and big bold cut flower arrangements, the bigger and more exotic the better. Not so Scandinavian. Nowadays, ...  R E A D M O R E


Yes, please

Light, calmness, tranquility Yes, please. Been so tired the last couple of mornings I don’t even know how I’ve gotten up. So this bedroom inspo doesn’t come as a surprise. A big room, lots of light, soft muted colours. I wish I’d have a proper bedroom. The more I spend time back home in the smalltown I come from, the more I want to buy and renovate a house. A house ...  R E A D M O R E


Monochrome heaven

This really gives me the chills. Eller, Det tilltalar min monokroma ådra. Min bohemiska monokroma ådra. All that… Oh, no I can’t handle it. I cannot contain myself! There is glass, there is mirror, there are sculls, velvet pillows, ethnic elements, a mix of design classics, a modern kitchen in an old house, and wooden floors (some fishbone!). And all in black and white. ...  R E A D M O R E