A peaceful home

Today I truly feel it’s a perfect day for it to be raining. Felt tired the last couple of days, followed by a slight headache. Waking up to a calm dripping on the windowsill in a dark room from the cloud covered sky outside is my kind of perfect on days like these. The silence and refreshment of rainy days. The revival of plants, how greenery gets even more green. I like that. Considering taking a walk. A bit of pluviophile [(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days] I am. The slightly grayer whites and greenish look of this home – the home of Artilleriet store’s owners Christian and Björn, fits perfectly in today’s mood and my resent green state of mind. Natural, monochrome and peaceful.





Kristofer_Johnsson_5Home of Christian and Björn from Artilleriet| Photo Kristofer Johnsson, styling Lotta Agaton for Residence Magazine.

  • Ano

    Nice blog:)! Regards from a frequent follower.

    1. Emm B.

      Thank you! Glad to hear you are a frequent follower, welcome along! ♡

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