One of my favourite houses

This is what I love about blogging. The collecting of beautiful imagery. The dreaming. The bottomless source of inspiration of looking at pictures. I get carried away imagining what my dream house would look like. Sometimes I’m lost for hours. There’s always those interiors that leave a special mark somehow. Those really beautiful homes that you just can’t forget. Interiors that are stuck on your retina forever. I may forget them some time, but they’re always there mapped somewhere in my memory for a potential future project. They’re also the interiors that are marked with dogears in my magazines, so that one knows just where to return to when time comes. This home here is such a place. The home of Malin Persson and her Italian husband Damiano and their three kids. I first saw it in the October issue of Swedish Elle Decoration 2014 – yes, marked with a dogear it is, both in the magazine and in my brain. This is my dream house, captured on 14 pages. Big spacious rooms, big furniture, big decorations; just how I like it. And that subtle monochrome look, with some greenish blue hues that I’ve been particularly attracted to lately.

Home storie

At home with Malin Persson

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 13.27.15

Home storiePhoto Petra Bindel via

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