Pistachio at TineK

Green I told you I have this thing with green. While I’m painting my toenails in a soft shade of sage, I’m letting my imagination gallop away by the A/W look at TineK. There’s something with the combination velvet and pistachio (that daybed/pouf is to die for!). Something with this earthy tone that allures me. How it picks up the mellow chlorophyll in plants. How it soothes the soul. It’s elegant. And sophisticated. Yet bohemian. And it marries beautifully with another infatuation of mine – brass. As it happens, while I’m sitting here writing this, I’m coming across the story behind the colour scheme of the collection. It is, de facto “influenced by the pale colours found in flower bouquets and botanic plants.” Well, spot on there.





tinekhome_aw16_5Photo Tine K Home | Browse the catalogue here.

Psst! If you’re into those soft green hues too, check out my sage Pinterest board.

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