Yes, please

Light, calmness, tranquility Yes, please. Been so tired the last couple of mornings I don’t even know how I’ve gotten up. So this bedroom inspo doesn’t come as a surprise. A big room, lots of light, soft muted colours. I wish I’d have a proper bedroom. The more I spend time back home in the smalltown I come from, the more I want to buy and renovate a house. A house with big windows, and plays of light I’d get to watch as the sun rises in the morning. That dreamy state of mind. Just laying in bed. (Imagine the Sundays). This bedroom styling from Ikea really fits the mood. I haven’t visited the warehouse in a very long time. Now I’m tempted by that bedside table made from a CYLINDER glass vase as a base and a SINNERLIG dish for the top. Perfection. Now sweet dreams.







201643_idbe01a_09_PH136744Photo Andrea Papini, styling Linda Harkell, interior design Amanda Rodriguez via Ikea.

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