Summer feels

I must have flowers always and always – Claude Monet

Midsummer really got me going. My flower obsession got real with wreaths, bouquets and everything. You know, that certain summer feel there is on Midsummer’s Eve, it could be as rainy as ever, but you’re somehow in that summer mood anyway. Maybe it’s something Scandinavian. And I’ve always had this thing for flowers and big bold cut flower arrangements, the bigger and more exotic the better. Not so Scandinavian. Nowadays, when my house dreams have become more tangible then ever, I can’t stop thinking about blossom. About a big blooming garden, where I’d sit under an old apple tree eating pie and reading magazines. A leafy oasis where we’d sip tea in the evening and invite friends over to hang out late in the night. I’d pick flowers and bring as much of them inside as I possibly could carry. Flowers just make life more cheerful.

Thanks to my friends, after my graduation I’ve been fortunate to have a surplus of flowers around me despite the lack of my own – aforementioned, dream garden. So much flowers I allowed myself to make a Midsummer’s wreath of some of them. In true summer spirit.

Photo & styling Emma Berghem

  • Julia

    Så så fina blommor och fin styling! :) mysig blogg du har!

    1. Emm B.

      Oj Julia. Vad glad jag blir att du tittat förbi och dessutom lämnat en kommentar. Tack för dom fina orden! 🍃 ♡ Hoppas allt är bra!

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