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Mjuk landning

Tidningshögar, böcker, dubbla täcken, trippla dynor, levande ljus och tekoppar. Min situation ser ut ungefär som på bilden men med lite hot flashes och några snordukar därtill. Sängliv. När förkylningen kryper på är det inget annat som hjälper än att bädda ner sig riktigt mjukt med extra allt. Extra citron i teét, mer vitlök i maten och dubbel dos ingefära ...  R E A D M O R E


Yes, please

Light, calmness, tranquility Yes, please. Been so tired the last couple of mornings I don’t even know how I’ve gotten up. So this bedroom inspo doesn’t come as a surprise. A big room, lots of light, soft muted colours. I wish I’d have a proper bedroom. The more I spend time back home in the smalltown I come from, the more I want to buy and renovate a house. A house ...  R E A D M O R E


Blue hues

”I am drawn by the northern nature. The waters, the flora, colours and the calmness that surrounds it. Everywhere I look, I see beautiful structures and beautiful contrasts that enhance one another.”

Trine Holbæk

The words of artist Trine Holbæk. And they fit so well. Something touches a soft spot in me. Is it the subtle blue, like a never-ending sea? The splashes of water? Or the uninterrupted calmness? A sense of silence, perhaps. Maybe it’s an innate attraction to nature we ...  R E A D M O R E