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Pine green

I have developed a slight addiction to pine green… Ekorrn’ satt i granen stil. Först var det klargrön, på våren när träden vaknade till liv. Så blev det mjuk pistachio, lagom då allt slagit i blom och solen hunnit blekna de spröda bladen litet grann. Nu när hösten smyger på går vi längre in i skogen, är det väl som. Nyansen blir djupare. ...  R E A D M O R E


Pistachio at TineK

Green I told you I have this thing with green. While I’m painting my toenails in a soft shade of sage, I’m letting my imagination gallop away by the A/W look at TineK. There’s something with the combination velvet and pistachio (that daybed/pouf is to die for!). Something with this earthy tone that allures me. How it picks up the mellow chlorophyll ...  R E A D M O R E


A peaceful home

Today I truly feel it’s a perfect day for it to be raining. Felt tired the last couple of days, followed by a slight headache. Waking up to a calm dripping on the windowsill in a dark room from the cloud covered sky outside is my kind of perfect on days like these. The silence and refreshment of rainy days. The revival of plants, how greenery gets even more green. I like that. Considering taking a walk. A bit of pluviophile [(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace ...  R E A D M O R E


All things green

Because I have a crush. A crush on green. Fresh, flourishing green. The kind of green on summer leaves. The deep grass green. The intense green that flows in petal veins. I dream of a garden. I spend my days in the park. I’m mesmerized by the mighty tree crowns and their foliage. I just want to be outside. Soak up sunlight and rest my eyes on the colour of nature now when it’s as bright as can be.




daniellawitte5Photo Daniella Witte @ www.daniellawitte.se