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Pistachio at TineK

Green I told you I have this thing with green. While I’m painting my toenails in a soft shade of sage, I’m letting my imagination gallop away by the A/W look at TineK. There’s something with the combination velvet and pistachio (that daybed/pouf is to die for!). Something with this earthy tone that allures me. How it picks up the mellow chlorophyll ...  R E A D M O R E


All things green

Because I have a crush. A crush on green. Fresh, flourishing green. The kind of green on summer leaves. The deep grass green. The intense green that flows in petal veins. I dream of a garden. I spend my days in the park. I’m mesmerized by the mighty tree crowns and their foliage. I just want to be outside. Soak up sunlight and rest my eyes on the colour of nature now when it’s as bright as can be.




daniellawitte5Photo Daniella Witte @ www.daniellawitte.se