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Monochrome heaven

This really gives me the chills. Eller, Det tilltalar min monokroma ådra. Min bohemiska monokroma ådra. All that… Oh, no I can’t handle it. I cannot contain myself! There is glass, there is mirror, there are sculls, velvet pillows, ethnic elements, a mix of design classics, a modern kitchen in an old house, and wooden floors (some fishbone!). And all in black and white. ...  R E A D M O R E


A peaceful home

Today I truly feel it’s a perfect day for it to be raining. Felt tired the last couple of days, followed by a slight headache. Waking up to a calm dripping on the windowsill in a dark room from the cloud covered sky outside is my kind of perfect on days like these. The silence and refreshment of rainy days. The revival of plants, how greenery gets even more green. I like that. Considering taking a walk. A bit of pluviophile [(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace ...  R E A D M O R E


One of my favourite houses

This is what I love about blogging. The collecting of beautiful imagery. The dreaming. The bottomless source of inspiration of looking at pictures. I get carried away imagining what my dream house would look like. Sometimes I’m lost for hours. There’s always those interiors that leave a special mark somehow. Those really beautiful homes that you just can’t forget. Interiors that are ...  R E A D M O R E


Something subtle

Today we have a day off. I’m sitting by the windowsill, looking over the park bathing in the gazing sun outside. And, it somehow feels like Sunday. You know when everything is calm, you’re chilling at home, looking at those light, bright, minimal, white interior pics, soaking inspiration – and sunlight, as is the case today. So, that is exactly what I’ll do – enjoy sunlight and nice, crisp interiors like these in RUM.




 ...  R E A D M O R E